Friday, April 12, 2013

Why You Should Avoid Petroleum Jelly During Sex

There are times when women get a little dry in the vaginal area and they decide to use petroleum jelly as a sexual lubricant. If you have the same idea, I suggest you find another solution to your problem. Using petroleum jelly vaginally can increase your chances of getting bacterial vaginosis. This is the finding of a study headed by Dr. Joelle Brown of the University of California, San Francisco. From their 141 female test subjects, they learned that incidences of bacterial vaginosis were 2x more than non-users.

Of course, having bacterial vaginosis does not threaten your life. However, it can be very uncomfortable and I'm sure every woman will want to avoid it as much as they can. Nobody wants to deal with the vaginal itching, fish smelling discharge, and burning sensation during urination. Let's not forget the embarrassment too if your sexual partner finds out that you have it.

So one way to avoid such discomfort is to use vaginal lubricants that are water based. Stay away from petroleum jelly and douching.

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